Marci’s Manifesto

There are so many fitness modalities’ to get your Workout On! Try to change up your workouts and your intensity levels to keep your body in that confused, not knowing state for stronger results, and try to workout most day’s.  My main focus when I am training a client, regardless of the modality of training, circuit, functional training, and power, is to Move that Muscle.  I want to recruit as much muscle as I can. I want the time with my client to be efficient. I am also a Nagging B.I.T.C.H, with my client’s form. Recruiting the right muscles and working with stabilizing smaller muscles, is very important for me, to achieve that beautiful symmetrically, sculpted look.

We will give you the proper tools to a healthier, stronger and more beautiful you. Start when you feel you can give it your 100 percent. Nothing works if you do not persist and create better habits and lifestyle. Your nutrition, your workouts and your beauty detailing should all work together to create your beautiful, healthy inside and your glowing sexy outside. Xoxo


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